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Aviation & Aerospace

Word Cloud Version 2.0

When I migrated the blog to Wix, all of the articles were able to be shifted across seamlessly. All of them except the one where I'd...

Apex Legends

This game has single-handedly converted me to the Battle Royale genre. They did it, something that I thought was impossible. Now I'm...

Interview Fail?

A few months ago I applied for a new job. This was the first one I'd seen in a couple of years that actually piqued my interest. I...

RIP Net Neutrality

With the stroke of a pen on a Thursday morning, Ajit Pai and his republican toadies at the FCC have repealed the net neutrality rules...

Review: Fallout 4

I'm a self-confessed Fallout fanboy. In fact I'm the worst kind of fanboy - one of those bandwagon types who hasn't played the...

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