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Apex Legends Weapon Ranking

More Apex content! I've been playing way too much of this game to still be this bad. This is my own personal ranking of the weapons in Apex, based on the fact that I'm fairly rubbish at the game. I'm still yet to get my hands on a Kraber outside of the training grounds, which probably reinforces how truly garbage I am (UPDATE: I got one, I was predictably awful at using it). Here we go, worst to best, based entirely on how I am feeling about things right now.

20. Mozambique

Vast swathes of the internet have already been devoted to exactly how terrible this gun is. Some claim that it's the worst gun in FPS history. I still think that honor goes to the Klobb from Goldeneye on N64, but I'm hardly an expert. If you don't land all three pellets when using this piece of trash, you're screwed. Worse than your fists.

19. P2020

Pea shooter, useful at the very beginning only. Supports plenty of attachments but who cares. Next.

18. RE-45

17. Alternator

A couple of auto-fire options that are useful early-game if literally nothing else is available, but you'd want to upgrade ASAP.

16. Triple Take

I just can't use sniper rifles effectively in this game (the G7 Scout is an exception, but it's hardly a sniper rifle in the truest sense). Maybe it's because I'm on Xbox, but I just can't seem to hit with any reliability. Plus this gun's 3-projectile gimmick just doesn't seem to work for me.

15. Flatline

Controversially low option (maybe?). I can't seem to control the kick of this gun and coupled with the fact that you can't use a barrel stabilizer it's just not for me. If you manage to luck into one when you land you can drop enemies easily while they're scrambling with it's high fire rate, but I typically look for something else quickly.

14. Kraber

Only available from random supply drops. Won't use it in actual combat because I suck. Based on my lack of skill with snipers coupled with it's ludicrously slow reload speed I imagine I won't be really effective with it. Does insane damage and very dangerous in the hands of people who know what they're doing. But that ain't me.

13. Longbow

Basically same reasoning as for Kraber and Triple Take. Moving on.

12. Eva-8

Useful close-range option until you can find a Peacekeeper. That upgrade should be smooth as both support the same attachments, but Peacekeeper can attach the Precision Choke (more on that later). This is truly a close-range option only, and doesn't do as much damage as you'd expect from a shotgun. Great for early game though.

11. Prowler

Burst-fire SMG that is just OK with standard configuration, but really shines with a select fire and extended mag attached. These attachments would bump it up the list considerably, likely into the top 5. Super-high fire rate on full auto just shreds, and if you can find a 1-2x scope, you're set.

10. Devotion

This is a solid energy-ammo-using LMG which I actually quite like, especially if you can get the turbocharger attachment. It places low here because of it's pretty high recoil (remember, I suck) and the long spin-up time without the turbocharger.

9. Hemlok

Really solid assault rifle variant which uses heavy ammo. Versatile in that it can be used in burst or single fire mode immediately. Does decent damage and recoil is controllable with a barrel stabilizer. Great gun for mid-range encounters, less effective up close.

8. Peacekeeper

Love the Peacekeeper. Effective at short-to-medium range, especially so with the Precision Choke attachment. Does huge damage if you can land all pellets, really useful inside buildings or some of the choke point passages within the canyon sections of the map.

7. Spitfire

Go-to weapon if I can find it. Will use this above almost any other option, especially once you can get your hands on some upgrades. Huge magazine, relatively stable kick and packs a serious punch. Reload time is a drag though, so maybe have a backup option with a faster reload.

6. R-99

This SMG, when fully upgraded, is a great gun. With a fire rate of over 1,000 RPM you can shred enemies, especially in the early game, despite it's lower damage output. Useful for short range encounters. Coupled with Bangalore's smoke plus a digital threat scope it's a real game changer.

5. G7 Scout

Controversially high choice for this one it would seem. I love this gun. Semi-automatic "sniper rifle" that paired with any level of barrel stabilizer and a 1-2x scope of some sort, really is the best option for mid-range gunfights in the game, in my opinion. I primarily play as Pathfinder however, so I find I'm not usually in the thick of the fighting and I feel like his mobility coupled with this gun's deadliness at mid-to-long-range is a great combo.

4. Wingman

Wasn't sold on the Wingman until recently. I used it for a few games in a row and it quickly grew on me - I can see the widespread appeal now. I suspect I shied away earlier on as my skills weren't quite up to the task of landing consistent hits with it. Now though, I love the big damage output it can deliver. Patience is the key with this gun, given it's slow reload speed and small initial magazine. Headshots are still overpowered despite a recent minor nerf, especially so with Skullpiercer equipped.

3. Havoc

Newer addition, the Havoc assault rifle is one of my favorites. Again the spin-up time is a drag which can be circumvented by a turbocharger. In auto mode the good rate of fire and reasonably low recoil makes it an excellent choice for closer encounters. The beauty of the Havoc is that it can utilize a second hop-up, the select-fire. This allows you to switch to beam mode which is single fire and sees the Havoc operate in more of a traditional sniper-rifle mode. Despite my aversion to sniper rifles, the versatility of this weapon is one of the reasons I like it so much.

2. R301

This is the most well-rounded gun in the game as far as I can see. Good damage, low recoil, auto fire and compatible with all the attachments you need. Get one of these early, make sure to upgrade your attachments and it's going to be useful throughout the entire match. Tops out at medium-range encounters, at least with my limited skillset, so maybe consider an alternative for longer-range skirmishes (G7 anyone?)

1. Mastiff

Mastiff shotgun is nearly unstoppable. It's very rare and only available from supply drops. I think I've only used it once in combat (again, I'm bad at this game), but it's very overpowered. Eight bullets at 36 per if you can land a headshot equals insane damage output. The best in the game - but unlikely I'll get to use it with any regularity.

That's my super-scientific list. Let me know what you think in the comments (or alternatively, please don't).

Cover Image: EA / Respawn

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